Александра Колос


Sasha Kolos releases first official single “You Don’t Know”

Sasha Kolos dropped her first single ever “You Don’t Know” on iTunes on December 19th. Singer wrote and recorded the song at a studio in Los Angeles.

The song is about the heartbreak of love and the struggle to overcome it. A soulful pop rock sound with electronic stylings, Sasha shows the depth of her range in this stunning debut.

The music video for “You Don’t Know” was shot Lancaster, CA. The video takes place in the middle of desert. It became the perfect setting to exemplify the sense of isolation and triumph in her lyrics. Sasha describes the storyline as being ” what goes around, comes around” making the song and video undoubtedly interesting. The song details a breakup of sorts, with the boyfriend not wanting to let go. When the young girl finally decides to leave him, he begins to understand the error of his ways.

“You Don’t Know” video features actor and model Ky Mahone and is due to premiere in February 2015.